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Anne Balboni, Psy.D

State Coordinator \ Clinical Director
Rhode Island CISM TEAM, Inc.

Anne Balboni Psy.D, is the state coordinator & clinical director of the Rhode Island CISM TEAM, Inc. Public safety experience includes 20 years volunteer firefighter \ EMT & 12 years RI EMT instructor. She is an ICISF faculty and Board of Director member and approved instructor for numerous ICISF classes. She is a member of the RI Disaster Mental Health Task Force and serves as adjunct faculty at Community College of RI in the Homeland Security Program. Private practice includes CISM intervention, education & consultation with emergency services, community groups, schools & industry.

Oliver Barbour

Officer in Charge, Naval Service Perseonnel Division
Minister of Defence Ireland

Currently a serving LTC in the Irish Defence Forces and has served on a number of UN Missions including Kosovo, Bosnia, Lebannon X 4 tours, Wester Sahara, East Timor, Liberia, Chad, Ethiopa, Darfur and Syria. Served as Deputy Military Advisor to the European Special Representative on Darfur. He is a registered counsellor psychoterapist. He holds a MSc in Trauma Management and works with other Government Departments at home and abroad in dealing with a wide range of psychological problems including stress and trauma. He is PRO for the Irish CISMaNetwork Ireland.

Francesca Bartoccini

Group and marriage Psychotherapist

Francesca Bartoccini, group, family and marriage psychotherapist. She worked with trauma and its consequences for two decades in different fields: foster houses for children removed from abusive parents, residential treatment for teenagers girl with stories of abuses and suicide attempts. ICISF instructor, she teaches complex organizations Human Factor subjects bringing concept such dysfunctional expectations and pattern of relationship into organizations settings and workplaces environment.

Michelle Blose

Graduate Student
Nova Southeastern University

Michelle is a doctoral student in the clinical psychology program at Nova Southeastern University in Florida specializing in neuropsychology. This past year, she began her practicum rotation at the Memorial Rehabilitation Institute. Previously, she was at the Neuropsychology Assessment Center and prior to that, she was at a substance use clinic, Healthy Lifestyles: Guided Self-Change. She has completed two externships, including a residential living program for persons with Alzheimer’s disease and a facility that uses Deep Brain Stimulation for neurological disorders.

Nancy Bohl-Penrod

The Counseling Team International

Nancy Bohl-Penrod, Ph.D. is the Director of The Counseling Team International (TCTI), which is also the Southern California Critical Incident Stress Management Team. Since 1985, Dr. Bohl-Penrod has provided critical incident stress management and counseling to victims of trauma, including first responders. She has responded to more than 1,000 critical incidents in her career, including the Big Bear Manhunt (Dorner Case), the shootings at Seal Beach Salon, the Los Angeles International Airport for TSA, and the San Bernardino Terrorist Attack at the Inland Regional Medical Center.

Rick Braswell

Chaplain/Community Service Specialist
Plantation Police Department

Chaplain Braswell is a highly experienced Ordained Gospel Minister and Chaplain with 30+ years of experience providing ministry and counseling services to employees and families of all faiths in times of need. His experience includes working with City and County employees, as well as working with the religious community, with military organizations and with other local law enforcement agencies. Currently, he serves as the Chaplain/Community Service Specialist at the Plantation Police Department.

Robert Bray

Thought Field Therapy Center of San Diego

Dr. Bray uses thirty years of experience as a professional helper to resolve your individual or organizational problems. Using Thought Field Therapy (TFT) in a solution oriented approach he eliminates those blocks to personal action to improve your situation, expand relationships, and enhance your performance.

When we are not on track with what we want our lives to be it is most often because of past pain or future fears. As Traumatic Stress Specials he has extensive experience helping in recovering from natural disasters, criminal acts, and domestic violence of all types.

Jama Brookes

Student, Speaker
Blue Sky Academy of Excellence

Jama Brookes is a high school senior at the Blue Sky Academy of Excellence, a nontraditional home school with a focus on Integrative Learning across subjects, fields, and experiences. For two years she has traveled with her mother, Dr. Tina Brookes, to speak in crisis response classes on her lessons learned about post-traumatic growth and resiliency from an extended life-threatening medical condition. She also works at Starnes Law Firm as a receptionist. Jama hopes to one day become an MD where she believes she can make the most difference in people’s lives.

Tina Brookes

CEO, Crisis Response Specialist
The Academy-National Institute for Crisis Response Training

Dr. Brookes has over 25 years of experience as a crisis response specialist. She is recognized nationally for offering education, support, and consultation to law enforcement, fire and rescue, EMS, emergency management, hospitals, military, schools, disaster relief workers, corporations and various community agencies. Dr. Brookes was invited to participate in the 2016 Duke Leadership Program in Integrative Healthcare where she is passionately developing a program on integrative health and wellness for crisis responders!

Harvey Burnett

Assistant Professor of Psychology & Department Chair, Clinical Director of Berrien County CISM Team
Andrews University

Harvey J. Burnett, Jr. holds a PhD in Counseling Psychology and an MDiv from Andrews University, and a BA in Psychology from the University of Michigan-Dearborn. Dr. Burnett is a fully licensed psychologist in the state of Michigan and is also a police sergeant with the Buchanan Police Department. Dr. Burnett is currently an Associate Professor of Psychology at Andrews University in the Behavioral Sciences Department and chair. He is currently the clinical director of the Berrien County CISM Team and is the past present president of the Michigan Crisis Response Association.

Sam Buser

Staff Psychologist
Houston Fire Dept.

Dr. Sam J. Buser is Staff Psychologist for the Houston Fire Department and Clinical Director of its CISM Team. In 2015, he developed a comprehensive suicide prevention program for the Department. He is former president of the Texas and Houston Psychological Associations, is a published author, and is a consultant to MD Anderson Hospital, Emory University, and the University of Houston. He received the Mayor’s Bravo award as an outstanding city employee, and in 2016 he was honored as practitioner of the year by Division 51(Men & Masculinity) of the American Psychological Association.

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