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Sharon Gallagher

Health and Research Psychologist
CISM Network Ireland & IT Carlow

Sharon Gallagher, BA, HDip, MLitt; is the Research/Education Coordinator of CISM Network Ireland; associate lecturer in CISM in the Institute of Technology Carlow and CISM Tutor and Researcher with Irish National Ambulance Service (NAS). Previously, she worked with the Irish State Claims Agency in the development of the CISM Work Positive psycho social risk assessment framework; she worked in program development with the Pre-Hospital Emergency Care Council and was the principal research psychologist on the NAS CISM Project at the Department of Psychology, Maynooth University.

Thomas Greenhalgh

Executive Director
National Public Safety Solutions, Inc.

Tom Greenhalgh, LICSW, has been involved in the Public Safety field since 1982. Currently employed as a Police Lt./NRP, Tom is also the Co-Director for the Greater Lowell CISM Team in MA, a Faculty member with both the ICISF and the Resilient Sciences Institute, is a Peer/Staff Clinician at the On-Site Academy in MA, and serves as the co-founder and Executive Director of National Public Safety Solutions Inc. He holds both a MACJ and a MSW with an emphasis on public safety and military issues, with whom he uses Energy Psychology modalities regularly.

Margaret Griffo

Anchorage Police Fire Chaplain, Speech Language Pathologist
NATIONAL Crisis Response Canines

Since retiring as a speech language pathologist, Margaret has trained for and volunteered as a first responder chaplain with the Alaska Police Fire Chaplain Ministries. She serves the Anchorage police and fire departments in that capacity. Trained in CISM she has actively participated as a team member. Margaret has a passion for the use of canines as a bridge with people who are experiencing stress or trauma both in group and individual settings. She is a certified NATIONAL Crisis Response Canine team.

Dave Grossman

Killology Research Group

LT COL Dave Grossman is one of the world’s foremost experts and speakers on the psychology of conflict. He is an Army Ranger, West Point Psychology Professor, author of the Pulitzer nominated books, On Killing, and Stop Teaching Our Kids to Kill, and the new book, On Combat. Grossman has written numerous encyclopedia entries and an entry in The Oxford Companion to American Military History. He has presented papers to the AMA, the American Academy of Pediatrics, and the American Psychological Association, and testified before House and Senate committees.

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