First Responders, Firefighters, Military, and Frontline Medical Workers…

Attend the ICISF World Congress 16 And Engage With Your Community…

Where Heroes Find Wellness Amid Uncertainty


The International Critical Incident Stress Foundation (ICISF) is excited to announce our dynamic ICISF World Congress 16 in May 2021.

Emergency first responders, military, and frontline medical workers face danger and trauma every time they put on their uniform…

Add to that the unprecedented pandemic in the past year, and we know these events have taken a major emotional and physical toll.

Yet despite the challenges, first responders continue to press on… even when faced with the toughest of circumstances.

Our mission is to walk beside these everyday heroes and provide unwavering support and the best resources… because we don’t want them to carry the burden alone.

As a first responder, you are part of us.

Why Should You Attend ICISF World Congress 16?

This year the World Congress will be virtual, making it even easier for you to be there. Although we will miss the power of gathering in person, we have worked tirelessly to ensure our event is memorable, inspiring, and engaging.

Come discover the latest within the field of crisis intervention.

Meet peers who are navigating the same struggles.

And be inspired by our world-renowned experts who understand firsthand the work that you do . . . as well as the rewards and challenges it presents.

The Theme for ICISF World Congress 16 is Wellness Amid Uncertainty


Whether you are new to the profession or have a wealth of experience, the World Congress is committed to bring value and hope to you.

Engage and explore topics surrounding crises, stress, and human resilience, as well as:

  • Military/Veterans
  • Disaster Response
  • Research/Innovations
  • Community Crisis Care
  • Faith-Based Applications
  • Schools, Families, and Children
  • Emergency Services/Public Safety

And many more . . .

And Prevention Is Better Than Repair…


Continuing education builds inner resilience and wellness so you are better equipped to protect yourself from psychological distress and injury.

It also gives you the knowledge to combat the natural effects of stress in tense situations.

Instead of continuing toward burnout or avoiding work due to unresolved trauma, education will help you:

  • Reach out and talk to peers
  • Reduce the stigma of mental distress
  • Face the future with a better mindset
  • Better spot early signs of mental distress

Because when stress, anxiety, and depression are not being managed, it often leads to a downward spiral.

The ICISF provides the most comprehensive model to help cope with critical incidents.

Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) is a method that enables peers to help their peers understand issues that might arise after an intense event and leave them emotionally and/or physically affected.

CISM is a process that better prepares heroes to continue to perform their services or, in some cases, return to a normal lifestyle.

World Congress is an amazing opportunity to stay abreast of the latest developments of crisis intervention and continue your education.

We Are Stronger And Better Together

Sometimes, first responders and healthcare workers find themselves in a state where they no longer have the emotional bandwidth to take care of others, especially amid such a prolonged crisis.

But many discover when they turn to peers for emotional support, they find much-needed solace in their shared experiences.

The ICISF community is made up of people from a variety of professions, practice settings, and experience levels . . .

But the one thing we ALL have in common is our commitment to the work we do.

We provide training for individuals interested in becoming a part of a crisis management team, or for organizations dedicated to helping individuals or groups recover from incidents.

No one should do this alone… and heroes can only be strong for so long.

So come and allow your peers to offer a helping hand.

Or come and be the helping hand for a peer.


You Are a Part of Us


The ICISF World Congress is an amazing opportunity to network and connect with others who are passionate about crisis intervention, crisis management, and helping peers in need.

Meet other professionals who are in a similar line of work as you, as well as those who work in related roles.

This event is a fantastic chance to build relationships within not just the industry, but your community as well.

Expand your reach and open doors to new opportunities by attending ICISF World Congress 16!

Let’s Come Together To Renew and Reinvest In Each Other

Because the healthier we are as first responders, the healthier and safer our communities will be.