Connect with us. Being virtual gives us a great opportunity to enhance connections and community for all participants. Opportunity for engagement with ICISF Staff, presenters as well as other participants will be available in different forums throughout each day!

Expand your reach and open doors to new opportunities by attending the ICISF World Congress 16.


The ICISF World Congress is an amazing time to connect with others who are passionate about crisis intervention, crisis management, and helping peers in need. You will meet other professionals who are in a similar line of work as your own, as well as those who work in related roles. It can be a fantastic chance to build relationships within not just your industry, but your community as well. There may be others from your geographic area that you have yet to meet, but who also share your interest in ICISF and the CISM model.

We will be providing suggestions and guides for how YOU can personally be connected and network during World Congress 16.

Share a Part of You!

Send us your pics!

A picture is worth a thousand words!  We're putting together videos so YOU can SHARE your story.

Please send us some pictures or videos (up to 15 seconds) of any or all of the following categories:

  • Your Pets
  • Your Service/Support animals
  • Your CISM Family
  • What home means to you
  • How you represent your country

Send to [email protected] and please put the category (listed above) in the subject line.

Memorial Montage

Please send us the name and dates of birth and death of those in the crisis intervention family that have passed in 2019-2020 for a tribute video. Pictures or videos up to 15 seconds are also welcome.

Send to [email protected] and please put Memorial Montage in the subject line.